Foursquare adds crazy stalker feature to its location service

foursquare-app-screenshot.jpgThe nature of location tracking service Foursquare has always invited criticism that it’s solely designed for stalkers or sad people to keep tabs on their friends and family.

Well now it seems it’ll become even more of a haven for creepy behaviour given that it’s just introduced a new “always on” notifications option, which allows users to get constant updates about where their contacts are. All. The. Time.

There have always been options to receive alerts when your friends are nearby or pottering through the same city, but “always on” sends out notifications each and every time one of their contacts checks-in, even if they’re on the other side of the world.

Of course we shouldn’t make fun of the new crazy stalker feature too much, it could certainly have some benefits, such as alerting loved ones that you’re safe if you’re travelling without having to text or call them. However we think it’s highly likely it’ll just make Foursquare users really trim down their contacts.

[Via Venture Beat]
Becca Caddy