Roamler pays iPhone users to be brand ambassadors and mystery shoppers


We’ve come across a few apps and services here at Shiny Shiny in recent weeks, that aim to pay you for your photos, time and efforts (take a look at Foap), as if the universe knows just how broke and miserable we all are right now.

The latest application to trade pennies for various tasks and challenges is Roamler, which basically turns you into a kind of brand ambassador and mystery shopper hybrid who can wander around and take photos of displays and try out services in exchange for a couple of quid.

To get started you sign up to the service, which takes a few minutes, but is obviously important to find out where you’re based and the tasks you’ll be able to complete.

You’re then given a task that doesn’t generate you any money, but just teaches you how to get started and earn Experience Points (XP). The more XPs you get, the more you can work your way through the app to different levels and the higher you get the more you can earn.

It sounds a bit like a dodgy pyramid scheme at first, but it’s just to show you’re serious about the app and will actually follow through with the tasks. We hope.

To start with we just had to take a photo of something red, which was easy enough and now we’ve unlocked a series of other tasks, including taking a photo of bananas at our local supermarket (which pays £2), explaining how you found out about Roamler (just 20XP for this one) and role playing that you live in a mock-up IKEA showroom (which pays £3).

It’s worth bearing in mind that ACTUAL mystery shoppers will be paid a lot more than £2 for each task they complete, but Roamler does make challenges really simple, fun and doable wherever you are or whenever you’d like to complete them. That’s assuming you don’t mind looking like a crazy person who takes photos of shop displays, acts suspiciously around the bananas and tries to take a shower in a fake IKEA bathroom of course…

Roamler is available from iTunes for free.

Becca Caddy