Nike Mexico Facebook app lets runners win stuff the more they workout

Our sister site Connected Health explores the latest idea to get people moving from Nike Mexico, a Facebook auction that allows you to win cool stuff the more you run…


Most fitness apps reward users the more they workout, whether they get a shiny little badge (on their phones, not in real life unfortunately), climb up a leader board above their friends or gain access to exclusive content. But why not add a REAL incentive and allow users to win things for their efforts too?

Nike has a range of fitness apps, gadgets and apparel, but in Mexico the brand is working on a new Facebook application called the Subasta de Kilometros, which according to Springwise translates into runners’ distances into currency action.

Users must download the Nike+ Running app that we’ve got here in the UK, or buy one of Nike’s many training products that can also track important data like pace, distance and time, such as the FuelBand. Every time a user runs they must then take the gadget with them, collect the data and build up as many kilometres as they can over seven days. Each week a new auction is added to the Subasta de Kilometros app and users can bid based on how many kilometres they’ve managed to clock up (there’s a minimum, so don’t take a brief walk and expect to get in on the action, Nike are serious bad asses). If you’ve got the right amount of kilometres you bid and whoever has the longest distance under their belt wins the prize, which includes Nike clothing, Nike+ equipment and fancy footwear.

For now the Subasta de Kilometros app and challenge is only being held in Mexico, but we can see the idea of gaming within fitness apps being taken even further by other brands in other countries as an extra incentive to get people moving and keep them motivated.

[Via Connected Health Via Springwise]

Becca Caddy


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