WIN: Website shares your stupid Facebook updates with EVERYONE


Yes Facebook is confusing, yes the team likes to change stuff, make stuff public and annoy us all regularly. But come on guys, it’s hardly rocket science, if your status updates have a little world next to them that means you’re sharing them with THE WORLD, so think before you write about your sexual exploits, drug habits and how much you wish your boss would die, because anyone could be reading them RIGHT NOW and (quite rightly) judging you for it.

To prove just how naive some users seem to be, UK teenager Callum Haywood set up the site, a kind of experiment that collects together the most dumb, ridiculous, offensive and pointless updates from some of Facebook’s biggest geniuses.

The updates are hilariously divided up into four categories, Who wants to get fired? Who’s hungover? Who’s taking drugs? And last but not least, Who’s got a new phone number?

Here are some of our personal favourites:

What’s better than saying you’d wish your boss would die? Well, threatening to kill him of course!

“Im getting so mad right now I hate my boss Jay I hope he dies better yet I feel like killin him if you in a bad mood don’t take it out on everyone at the job like wtf its way to hot to take your shit-_- #Piss off”

Not one, not two, but three reasons why you shouldn’t be employed…

“Who’s hungover? Who’s high? Who hates their boss? Find out here…”

This is rather profound.

“My story with my ex love(cannabis): My first joint:2004 i see the world perfect 2004_2008:I smoked for pleasure in about once a week 2008:i’m addicted I became the worship of that plant 2009_2011:Promoter drug with my friend Jamel He is currently incarcerated :( now i’m in the country of zakataka we smoke every days not every days every hours not every hours every moment…We kill ourselves to ourselves 2012:For me tasted tired .Hatred has become a smoke.. Now i’m freeeeee.. fuck u my love (maria vitta)”

As you’d expect there’s a pretty hefty disclaimer at the bottom of the site, which states:

“All data is pulled directly from Facebook, it is not censored, and it is publicly accessible via the Graph API. I cannot be held responsible for any persons actions as a result of using this experiment.”

The website doesn’t really do anything special, these updates are already shared with everyone and anyone, but it just highlights the fact people REALLY need to be more careful about what they say on Facebook.

[Via Gizmodo]
Becca Caddy


  • The updates are hilariously divided up into four categories, Who wants to get fired? Who's hungover? Who's taking drugs? And last but not least, Who's got a new phone number?

  • The updates are hilariously divided up into four categories, Who wants to get fired? Who's hungover? Who's taking drugs? And last but not least, Who's got a new phone number?

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