BREAKING: Facebook does something you didn't tell it to do

facebook-bad-large.jpgSTOP THE INTERNET, Facebook has done something or changed something without really telling us. How will we ever… We can’t keep this going any longer, we’re so used to Facebook changing our settings, adding new features and screwing up our profiles. In fact if we didn’t get all angry and upset about Facebook every week we’d have to get off the internet and deal with, like, ACTUAL PROBLEMS. And who the hell wants that?

Well today another feature has been changed without our say so (YAWN). Do you remember back when Facebook wanted to revolutionise the way we message one another by giving us all email addresses? Yeah it was pretty “meh” and no one really cared. Well now in an attempt to make our Facebook inboxes more relevant Zuck and the gang have got rid of your regular email addresses and replaced them with a Facebook one.

To fix this and give people an email address that you’ll actually use, then go to your Timeline, click on About, scroll down to Contact Info, click Edit and play around to choose what you’d like to display yourself and not what the Ministry of Truth, we mean Facebook, wants you to display.

[Via Gizmodo]
Becca Caddy

One thought on “BREAKING: Facebook does something you didn't tell it to do

  • So true! I dont like the timeline. I dont even want to put that on my facebook but its just applied there without my consent. I dont even know how to get rid of it.

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