Turn your Instagram photos into HUGE canvas prints


We whine about how it ruins real photography, people use it too much, the filters suck, blah, blah, blah, but I DARE you to not take a photo of that fancy cocktail or weird cat and upload it to Instagram… Ha, didn’t think so.

The Instagram trend isn’t just taking over our Twitter feeds, but it’s infiltrating our real, offline lives too. Fancy that rubbish vintage photo on a t-shirt? A calendar? A phone case? You name it, you can probably have one of your Instagram snaps emblazoned onto it.

Well now Firebox has launched a new service that allows you to turn those dreamy snaps into ACTUAL works of art and it may be our favourite yet (providing you stop taking photos of your breakfast, that is).

You can get your Instagram snaps printed onto canvas from £19.99 to £69.99 depending on the sizes you want. You can also get discounts on packs of three too, to create some kind of pretentious wall display of your retro snaps.

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Becca Caddy


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