The Facebook App Center has officially launched


Facebook announced that it would be launching a shiny new app store last month and it’s now here for us all (well most of us, a few of you might have to wait a little longer) to play with.

The app store, known officially as the Facebook App Center, is a comprehensive directory of all kinds of apps (not just Facebook ones) and you can access it from your desktop or mobile too.

The experience you get within the App Center is very similar to what you’d expect from the iTunes store or Google Play. It’s all rather simple and intuitive, there’s a list of categories down the left hand side, you can preview apps, flick through screenshots, read a blurb, check out other people’s ratings and then download those you like the look of.

The App Center is available in the Facebook iOS and Android apps and can obviously be accessed from the main site too. If you’re on your mobile you can download apps straight to your device and even if you’re accessing the site from your desktop you can get them sent there too.

Go take a browse around now:

Becca Caddy


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