Linkedin becomes even more irritating as passwords are leaked

linkedin-tweet.jpgAhh Linkedin, it may have helped that one guy you know get a job that one time, but mostly we can all agree it’s a breeding ground for slimy recruiters and pointless networking groups. Well now it’s become even more irritating as an estimated 6.5 million of our passwords have been leaked online, according to The Independent.

Reports are suggesting that a Russian hacker published a list of the passwords online and asked others to help crack them. Linkedin has responded to the allegations with a number of tweets stating that the breach hasn’t been confirmed, but the team’s looking into the problems right away.

It might be wise to go and change your password if you use Linkedin regularly, but many of us might welcome someone hacking our employment history to make it look like there was some rhyme or reason to all of those stupid decisions.

[Via The Independent Via The Next Web]
Becca Caddy