Jux evolves and allows you to add more than one blog (or Jux) at a time

jux-home.jpgJux seems to add a cool new feature to its blogging platform a few times a month and last week it got an interesting new release, you can now have a different Jux for different purposes.

Bear with us on this one…

The Jux team have explained to us:

1. “Jux” is presented as another posting option. Add an article, photo, slideshow … or a Jux.

2. Your new Jux has all the flexibility of your first. Start by adding content. Give it a title and description. Customize the look (beginning from the style of your last Jux as a smart default). You can even repost into specific Juxes.

3. Once you have more than one Jux, your home page morphs into an overview of all your Juxes. Think of this as your world, your oeuvre, your memories. Or hide the linkages and treat each Jux as an independent work.

So basically you can just create a separate blog (or should we say Jux) and have it linked to your current account. Of course you can create multiple WordPress blogs or Tumblr blogs with ease as well, but Jux’s latest release means they don’t all have to be separate. You can technically have as many Juxes (we assume that’s the plural of Jux?) as you like, they can exist as one entity and you can see all the posts together at once or have them separate, whichever you choose.

The idea behind the new feature is that most people want different spaces online for different purposes, which is a pretty fair assumption. It’s certainly a significant move for Jux, as it can now compete with other blogging platforms even more than it already does because you don’t need to sign in as someone different to have a different blog, meaning you’re less likely to venture elsewhere.

Whether the new feature becomes super popular or just a “so what?” addition, it’s good to see the Jux team continue to do things a little differently to the rest and have the user’s experience at the core of every new decision and addition that’s made.

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Becca Caddy


  • it already does because you don't need to sign in as someone different to have a different blog, meaning you're less likely to venture elsewhere.

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