Top 10 Tumblr themes that look like Pinterest for awesome photo blogs

Although Tumblogs have always had a rather unique default layout, the growing popularity of Pinterest has made everyone crazy for the grid-like look, which ensures your photos REALLY pop. So, here are our top ten Pinterest-style themes for Tumblr lovers.

Whether you love it, hate it or used to love it and now just get a bit bored by it, you can’t deny Pinterest is pretty awesome and one of the main reasons for that is it looks SO darn good. The grid-like layout ensures your photos stand out and displays content in a way that makes you want to scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll for hours. It’s also an interesting way to publish photos that are linked in some way, because you can see certain styles or designs or scenery side-by-side.

If you love the layout but want something with a little more freedom, then sign yourself up to Tumblr or just change your current Tumblr theme so it’s a little more contemporary and… well… Pinterest-y.

Becca Caddy


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