APP OF THE DAY: Could SocialCam be as popular as Instagram for video?


Video capturing, editing and sharing app SocialCam is tipped to be the ‘Instagram-for-video’ but why is it already so popular when most of us actually prefer sharing photos, right?

Many are claiming that SocialCam will be the app that gets us crazily sharing and applying filters to our videos in the same way we do with Instagram. It allows you to capture video content, edit it, apply filters to it and then share it anywhere and everywhere.

Not only are you sharing and adding filters in the same way you would with Instagram, but the app’s interface is similar too. There’s a feed of activity, a tab with the most popular content, information about your friends and adding new ones and activity relating to you and your videos.

The big red record button in the middle gets you started (no kidding) and once you press that you can swipe through different filters, so you see the effects as you record, you don’t have to add them afterwards. You then record your silly dancing, or singing, or cookery video, give it a title and select its privacy level before going on to edit it. You can add music (there’s a selection of ten snippets that are all quite cheesy but fairly usable) and add themes (these let you layer text and borders over the video).

Once you’ve completed your masterpiece you can send a link to your contacts, tag people in the video and then choose which social networks you want to share it with, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Dropbox, Posterous or Tumblr. Once you’re done that the video will be shared in your feed too.

It’s all very simple to use and there’s also a comprehensive settings page that allows you to manage privacy, who’s following you, how people follow you, etc, which is good to know considering some people might be a little apprehensive about sharing their videos.

Although SocialCam looks great, we wonder whether people are ever really going to share video content as much as they would photo content? We highly doubt it, but if you’re capturing bits and pieces of video and need something simple that makes your creations look cool then we bet SocialCam will be your new favourite application.

Available from iTunes for free.

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