Send to Kindle for Mac lets you simply drag documents to your eReader

send-to-kindle-screenshot.jpgA few months ago Amazon launched a service for Windows users that allowed them to quickly and easily send documents to their Kindle devices and now HOORAY there’s a new app for Mac users that does the same thing. And the good news is it’s even more simple.

Send to Kindle for Mac is a new application that allows Mac users and Kindle owners (you lucky little devils) to send documents to their devices by simply dragging and dropping them onto a dedicated icon in the Dock or within the app itself.

Kindle owners have always been able to send various files and documents to themselves from a computer, but it relies on you finding out your Kindle’s email address and sending things over like a regular email. So this way there’s no need to use an email client and it doesn’t have to even go to your Kindle device either, you can send files to the Kindle app on your iPad or mobile phone too.

Once you’ve downloaded the app there are a tonne of new options to make it easier to send things Kindle’s way, you can select ‘print’ from any Mac app and see the ‘Send to Kindle’ option, or when you’re in Finder you can press ‘control-click’ on one or more documents and choose ‘Send to Kindle’ again.

If you’re one of the many people who jumped on the Kindle bandwagon earlier in the year or got given one for Christmas and haven’t really made the most of it yet, then being able to view documents as well as novels, magazines and blog posts could be the extra incentive to ensure you and your Kindle become BFFS.

Download Send to Kindle from Amazon for free.

Becca Caddy

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