Quora: Is the Q&A site making a comeback?


Many of us may have already forgotten that Q&A website Quora even exists, but its dedicated community, fairly new format and niche selection of ‘specialists’ could lead to a comeback any time now…

When Quora became super popular last year everyone was talking about how amazing it would be, how it’d become the ‘next big thing’, how it’d gobble up Facebook and Twitter and every other social networking thing we use and how we’d all be talking in question and answer format online from now until the end of time. Q: Oh really? A: YEAH!

Now as you’d expect everyone (and by everyone we mean tech/social media-y/general media-y geeks) signed up for it, used it for a bit then got bored of it.

However, over the past few weeks we’ve noticed a few more follower requests, a few more people asking questions and just a few more answering them too. So is Quora slowly making a quiet comeback?

After a quick and dirty Twitter poll it seems we’re all very much divided. For some it never went away, after the initial buzz they continued to ask and answer questions on Quora and continue to find it really useful. Others used it for a while but found Twitter is just as effective at getting meaningful answers to their questions and some are put off by the interface.

It seems that those who still use it regularly don’t tend to answer or follow all kinds of questions, but get involved in a select few discussions about the things they REALLY care about. Although that may seem blindingly obvious, there’s definitely a danger when you sign up to a new site or service of following EVERYONE, ticking ALL OF THE BOXES and feigning interest in ALL OF THE THINGS when really the more selective you are the more value you’ll get in the long run.

Have you started using Quora again recently? Let us know in the comments…

Becca Caddy


  • It is like any social media site, to me, there has to be a need. There have been some interesting questions and answers and conversation, but at the end of the day, there has to be a need for a site or service

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