PINTEREST: Was Oscar de la Renta's live-pinning clever or just a gimmick?


Fashion house Oscar de la Renta ‘live-pinned’ a bridal fashion show yesterday, but was the move really worth it or does it just seem like the team were jumping on the “OMG PINTEREST IS AWESOMEZ” bandwagon?

When we’re asked which brands we feel have a really interesting and engaging online presence we often ramble on about Oscar de la Renta. The fashion house has a great new Facebook timeline and a tonne of online assets run by Erika Berman (or Oscar PR Girl), the brand’s director of communications, just take a quick peak at her Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest accounts and swoon.

So that’s why we were interested in following the activity of Oscar PR Girl during the live-pinning of a bridal event yesterday that Mashable exclusively revealed details about a few hours beforehand.

The decision to take to the Pinterest boards to show off the new designs makes a lot of sense. It provides all kinds of online fashion fans with a real-time (well, nearly) peak at the latest styles, even if they’re not lucky enough to be industry insiders.

The platform itself is also highly visual and it’s a great place for sharing and engagement, through re-pinning, commenting, liking, but also then sending the content through to other social networks.

However, we can’t help but think the live-pinning seems a little forced too. Just because Pinterest has gained a lot of popularity recently and does house a lot of style-related content, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll lend itself to such a high fashion stunt.

We don’t doubt it’ll have pleased a lot of fashion fans and plenty will have shared the designs among their followers, but maybe it’s after Burberry’s efforts to live tweet shows last year that live-tweeting and live-pinning now all just seems a little me too, me too.

That doesn’t mean to say we don’t appreciate Oscar de la Renta’s use of Pinterest, we just feel there needs to be more reasons to share and engage with the fashion content at the moment, not just be force fed it from every angle.

Check out Oscar PR Girl’s bridal Pinterest board here:

Becca Caddy