WTF: OverShareMe makes your stupid Google searches public

plz-over-share-me.jpgNew Chrome extension OverShareMe sends your Google searches out into the big wide world, but although they make for hilarious reading, WHY WOULD YOU EVER DO THAT?

Even though many of us would never admit it, we ALL Google stupid, obvious and embarrassing stuff on an hourly basis. It’s OK, it’s human and as normal as breathing, eating and Facebook stalking. But although we all do it, we’d never want ANYONE, not even our nearest and dearest, to ever see the weird stuff we go searching for, right, RIGHT?!

Well, clearly some people do as a new Chrome extension called OverShareMe shares your Google searches with the Twitter masses.

You start by installing the app and then setting a hashtag for your searches, which are then pumped out to the @PlzOverShareMe Twitter account and

Now admittedly no one knows that it’s you crazily searching for “define:politics” or “bieber naked” and your followers are none the wiser, but we imagine that option could be introduced further down the line.

So would you share your silly searches with the web or are some things best kept private?

[Via The Next Web]

Becca Caddy