WTF: Our lives are now complete with this cupcake ATM

It may be the stuff of dreams, but an LA-based bakery has ACTUALLY created a cupcake vending machine in real life…

They may not be very fashionable anymore (we’re trying to act like we care), they may be super girly and sickly pink, but wow do we love cupcakes. It could be down to the creamy frosting, the cute colours, or the fact that if you put in some effort you can get the whole thing in your mouth at once.

Well cupcake lovers your dream machine is here, an LA-based bakery (called Sprinkles, obviously) has opened the world’s first cupcake ATM. It’s pink, it’s cheesy, it doesn’t boast particularly advanced tech (kinda just a regular vending machine), but wow do we want to try it out for ourselves.

[Via LikeCool]
Becca Caddy