Pin A Quote: Inspire, motivate and annoy Pinterest users with your words of wisdom


It may be the best place to share images on the whole wide web, but many Pinterest users like to inspire, motivate and (sometimes) annoy their followers with lots of quotes too.

If you like to share your words of wisdom with your Pinterest followers, but you’re not very handy when it comes to creating cheesy Photoshop quote images, then Pin A Quote is for you, an easy way of pinning lovely quotes to your boards that don’t look too cheesy. But that obviously depends on the words you’re pinning too.

Pin A Quote is actually a bookmarklet, just like Pinterest’s ‘Pin It’ one, which works with most browsers. You drag it into your bookmarks bar and then simply highlight the text you want to quote and click ‘Pin A Quote’. Easy peasy.

A pop-up then appears, where you can add the name of the person who says it and all of the other usual Pinterest stuff too. You can also just type text in as well if you don’t want to highlight it and Pin A Quote will prettify everything for you and help you send it to Pinterest.

It’s a super simple but very effective idea, which we’re sure Pinterest users will put to good use. Just make sure you’re not sharing anything too rubbish and airy-fairy please.

[Via The Next Web and @sheesidd]
Becca Caddy