STUDY: Are photo apps the most annoying thing about Facebook?


Stop blurring, cropping and adding 465,874 borders and filters to that photo. Put down your iPhone. Just drink your coffee. It’s official. Your lame Instagram shots are the most annoying thing about Facebook.

So what’s REALLY the most annoying thing about Facebook? Incessant pregnancy updates complete with measurements, weights and ultrasound images? “I love you forever” public messages between couples? CRZY TXT SPK INNIT FRM YR MATEZ FRM SKOOL? Vain outfit of the day shots (not guilty)? Well no, it seems we’re most angered and annoyed by people who share too many photos they’ve edited using the likes of Instagram and Hipstamatic.

The research comes from photo book website, which aimed to find out what we’re most annoyed by when it comes to Facebook sharing, and the blurry, retro photos that many of us love to share take the top spot, with 61% of those asked admitting it’s their number one pet peeve about the social network.

Unsurprisingly baby photos came in second, with 58% of those polled admitting cutesy kid shots really annoy them. Further down the list are food snaps and holiday photos too, which we assume is more to do with us all being insanely jealous of that girl we know getting to go to Thailand with work more than anything else.

Interestingly, the main reason we’re so annoyed by Instagram-like photos is apparently because 55% find the effects and filters “unnecessary”. Well yeah, of course they’re not necessary, but COME ON they make it look like we’re from the 70s and they get rid of our uneven complexion.

It worries us that people are SO annoyed by these kinds of photos, with 76% saying they’ve taken action to hide them from their feed and 21% have even deleted the culprit as a friend. Woah, let’s all calm down now shall we. But we get it, we’d rather you unfriended us than develop a heart problem later in life because we want to add a blurry filter to a photo of that plate of macarons.

We’re pretty surprised to be honest, if a couple of pretentious Instagram snaps are the most annoying thing about your Facebook news feed, you’re obviously not following the same nutcases we are. polled 1,671 Facebook-using Britons.

Becca Caddy