Songster: Music creation AND social gaming within Facebook


Everyday we see new websites, apps and online tools specially built to allow regular people with little experience to try their hand at music creation, whether it’s a basic app designed for kids or a much more advanced programme for genuine wannabes.

Well now a basic but addictive form of music creation has come to Facebook, with new social game Songster. Like all Facebook games, you log-in to your account and away you go, you can choose different styles of music and then mash instruments, vocals and other tracks together to create something pretty unique.

As you’d expect, you can then share tracks, connect with other players and even play your creations at virtual gigs, which may be a bit far-fetched, but is bound to appeal to the dedicated social gaming community who prefer the land of Facebook than the land of the living.

The game has been created by start-up Mowgli and the founder and CEO, Marshall Seese, told Mashable:

“As a musician, I’m really passionate about people connecting through music […] So I wanted to enable anyone to make great songs, not just sounds. Social gaming seemed like a great fit because it embraces user creation.”

The controls and songs you create are all pretty basic, don’t expect to mix together something that sounds professional with Songster, but that’s why it’s so appealing to newbies. For social gamers looking for something a little more interesting than a fake farm (do people still REALLY play Farmville?!) or children wanting to spend their time online a little more productively, it could well be a hit.

[Via Mashable]
Becca Caddy