One Positive Thing on Pinterest: Pin images that make you smile


Black Dog Tribe, a new online community for anyone affected by mental illness, has started a new Pinterest initiative called One Positive Thing, which invites its members to share their positive, inspirational and motivational images with the world.

Yesterday we wrote about some great Pinterest users that we recommend you all follow, and while we were doing our research (like good little elves) we came across all kinds of new and exciting ways that both brands and individuals alike are using the website.

One great use of Pinterest can be seen from one of Shiny Shiny’s partner sites, Black Dog Tribe, which has started using the pin board community in a way that not only looks good but aims to brighten up our days just a little bit more.

Black Dog Tribe is a website and online community for anyone affected by mental illness, and with new stats suggesting that’s 1 in 4 of us, it’s an issue that can’t be ignored. The team has created a shiny new Pinterest account called One Positive Thing and it’s inviting users to contribute any images that make them feel good to their boards. That can be anything from a hero that inspires them, a dancing kitten, a beautiful photo or just an inspirational quote, so we imagine over the next few weeks the Black Dog Tribe boards will become a lovely haven for anyone feeling a little low.

If you want to contribute your images, then you can follow Black Dog Tribe on pinterest at If you’re not obsessed with the world of Pinterest, pinning and pinboards quite yet, you can always visit the Black Dog Tribe Facebook page and leave a link to your happy images there too so the team can add them for you.

It’s great to see a community using Pinterest in a way to encourage collaboration, bring people together as a community AND share lovely happy images too.

Becca Caddy