Moonpig and Zappar create augmented reality greeting cards


Quirky card company Moonpig has teamed up with augmented reality specialist Zappar to create a range of video-enabled greeting cards.

The Moonpig website is a treasure trove for greeting cards, whether you need one for a birthday, Bar Mitzvah or Halloween (really?). But now the website has joined forces with Zappar, a team known for its clever augmented reality and entertainment products, to create video-enabled cards.

From this week, users are now able to visit the site over at, pick a card, upload a personal video message, choose an image for the front and send it in a matter of clicks.

The recipient can then view the message if they’ve got the Moonpig app on their mobile (available for iOS and Android devices) and watch it again and again. As the person you’re sending your quirky card to will need the Moonpig app, it may be a little restrictive, so do think twice about picking a card for that great aunt who doesn’t even know how to use a TV remote.

We love seeing the mobile and offline worlds come together in this way, particularly when this new move is so accessible and allows regular users to take advantage of Zappar’s clever technology. Caspar Thykier, managing director for Zappar, said:

“This will be the next step in how people receive and view greeting cards, providing purchasers and recipients with a whole new way of creating personal messages. We feel implementing AR in such an everyday item as a greeting card is a great way to use the Zappar platform. It really demonstrates how the technology can truly enable a product in a commercial context with a tangible consumer benefit.”

It also really adds to Moonpig’s silly, fun and quirky branding, offering users the very latest in greeting card technology, if that’s even a thing?! Iain Martin, MD for Moonpig, said:

“Since we first launched we have continued to add new features and content that enable our customers to send the very best cards – the video card is a major step forward.”

We don’t doubt that some users will add ridiculous, silly and possibly filthy videos to their cards, but we still think it’s a really interesting partnership and in many ways a match made in heaven. Awh.

Becca Caddy


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