InstaCover: Instagram your Facebook cover photo


InstaCover allows you to pick Instagram snaps and transform them into a vintage collage for your Facebook cover photo.

Since all of our Facebook profiles magically transformed into lovely timelines we’ve been playing around trying to get our cover photos just right.

We’ve seen plenty of clever and creative covers over the past few months (check out this list over on Mashable), and some silly ones too of course. But, if you’re struggling to find one that you feel really represents you, then try out InstaCover, a way to turn your Instagram photos into a lovely collage and cover photo for your Facebook timeline.

You can choose your own Instagram photos to make a cover from, select those uploaded by another user, specify a category of photos to collect for the collage or even make one from a set of tags. We think using a tag like ‘London’ or ‘coffee’ would make a pretty cool cover photo, but maybe that’s just us (as Londonders and caffeine addicts).

The Next Web points out that it’s a shame once a collage has been made you can’t pick and choose specific snaps to take out. However, you can mess around with the spacing of the images, their size and add any optional text in there too.

Of course, if you’re handy with a programme like Photoshop you can do all of that yourself, but InstaCover just makes everything much easier and quicker for you.

[Via The Next Web]
Becca Caddy


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