IMPATIENT NATION: Are we obsessed with being the first to get the latest tech?


A recent study has found that we’re all a little bit too obsessed with owning the newest tech products, so much so that we’d even be willing to pay extra to get our hands on the latest gadgets before anyone else in the office. What a smug bunch we all are.

As well as teaching us that the new Retina Display screen is better than our actual eyes, the recent third generation iPad launch has proved that we’re all a little bit obsessed with getting our hands on the latest tech before everyone else we know.

A new study from has even found that 52% of us would be willing to part with a few more pennies to be the first with the latest tech and new gaming releases sooner than the planned release date.

The study into our tech purchasing behaviour initially asked respondents if a new game, gadget or DVD was released, would they be more likely to purchase the new release online or in store. 54% admitted that they purchased new releases on the high street ASAP, so they could get their hands on the newest releases straight away.

Those polled were then asked if they’d be willing to pay more to get the gadgets sooner, as a kind of VIP purchase, and 52% said they’d jump at the chance, with most admitting they’d pay at least £10 more to be the first on the tube with the latest iPad in their hands.

So are we just becoming even more passionate about the latest tech or are we a nation of show-offs?

1,744 UK adults were polled as part of the poll by

Becca Caddy