Friendsheet: Another mash-up of Pinterest but this time with Facebook


Another day, another developer making something else out of Pinterest, or Instagram, or Pinterest. This time round it’s Friendsheet, Pinterest and Facebook’s new little baby.

The basic premise of Friendsheet is that photos uploaded by your Facebook friends will be displayed as if you were scrolling through Pinterest, which makes a lot of sense considering how popular the grid-like display has become. And how addictive.

You log-in to the site using your Facebook details and you can then view all the photos uploaded by friends and brand pages. It’s not just about browsing through photos though, the website allows you to like, comment, share and even upload photos yourself too, making it much more useful and likely to catch on in future.

There are plenty of options to customise the photos that you see, we imagine a lot of people might want to turn off brand images, some will want to silence comments or others may want to get rid of certain friends too.

You can delve deeper into certain photos and users all from within Friendsheet too, which is quite handy if you mainly visit Facebook for the photo content.

We’re not sure whether Friendsheet will have any true lasting power or whether it’s the latest in a long line of new sites that ‘do this like this but for this.’ However, if you only really log-in to Facebook to browse (see stalk) your friends’ photos, then it could be a more intuitive way to look through everything without being distracted by irritating updates.

[Via Digital Trends]

Becca Caddy