New BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing app makes conference calls a breeze

blackberry-conferencing-screenshot.jpgConference calls always sound great in theory, collecting people from different parts of the world together for real-time collaboration and important updates. However, in reality you’re left missing scheduled calls, shouting at your phone and trying to reconnect to the call after you’ve already been disconnected 5,686 times.

Now a new app launched today by RIM call BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing aims to make the dreaded conference call a little bit easier.

Firstly, the app takes all of your conference call details and converts them into a simple ‘Join Now’ button, this means you don’t need to rummage around for codes and dial-in details, you just start chatting straight away.

If you get disconnected from a call (why does that always happen during the most important ones?!) the app displays a ‘Reconnect’ button, which will quickly dial you back in with just a single click.

There are also a range of other features, like BlackBerry calendar syncing to ensure you only schedule calls when you and your contacts are free and optimal conference call number selection for those dialling in from different regions.

The Mobile Conferencing app probably won’t be used by your average consumer, but if you’re one of the many people who depends on their beloved BlackBerry day in and day out for work purposes it could be a godsend.

The app is (obviously) only available to BlackBerry users and it’s free from the App World.

Becca Caddy

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  • This application for conference calls sounds really useful. Perhaps it will even mean people choosing this phone over other smart phones because of this factor depending on which phones are able to access it. Applications have been surfacing based on a need expressed by consumers. Hopefully we will see more innovative apps for mobile devices growing rapidly in the future.

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