Facebook made $1 billion profit in 2011 from your boring updates

mark-zuckerberg.jpgLast night (after a crazy amount of speculation from the web) Facebook filed for its initial public offering (or IPO) and seeks to raise $5 billion (about £3.15 million) of funding, meaning you could soon own shares in the company!

However, if you’re not bothered about being part of Zuckerberg’s gang and you’re more interested in the juicy financial details that have been revealed in the IPO process, then Ad Age has collected together some of the most interesting stats:

Facebook’s total ad revenue in 2011: $3.15 billion
Share of revenue attributed to advertising: 83%
Amount of revenue sourced from Zynga: 12%
Amount Netflix spent advertising on Facebook in 2011: $3.9 million
Amount The Washington Post spent: $4.2 million
Facebook 2011 profit: $1 billion
Revenue generated from virtual goods: $557 million
Global monthly active users: 845 million
Daily likes and comments: 2.7 billion
Amount Facebook spent on advertising in 2011: $28 million
Likely Facebook market valuation: $75 to $100 billion
CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s total 2011 compensation: $1.5 million
Mr. Zuckerberg’s ownership stake: 28.2%
Mr. Zuckerberg’s voting power: 56.9%
Mr. Zuckerberg’s annual salary starting in 2013: $1

Sure it’s fascinating to see so many financial details that we’ve never had access to before, but we’re also interested in the figures that refer to how people are using the social network. More than 2.7 billion daily likes and comments?! That’s a lot of cat and sloth videos…

[Image via Flickr]

Becca Caddy