YouTube: One hour of video uploaded every second


All of our favourite websites and communities seem to want to shout about their achievements at the moment (we’re looking at you Tumblr), and with impressive statistics and lots of new ideas in the pipeline we see no problem with that at all.

The latest set of “oh wow” stats comes from YouTube, as Google has released figures today revealing that more than one hour of video content is uploaded to the popular (and highly addictive) community every single second. Oh my. So that’s a huge 60 hours per minute, a tenfold increase on the amount of video we were all uploading back in 2007, and crazily a whole decade each and every day – no wonder the team have a hard time moderating every single video!

Not only that, but the videos on the site get more than four billion views per day, which is around half of the population of the whole planet. It’s heart-warming to know that everyone can be brightened up by a cat video or watch a little girl perform a Nicki Minaj song regardless of their location, isn’t it?!

To visualise just how much video gets uploaded onto the site, YouTube has created a fun little animation over at that we recommend checking out in your lunch break.

Becca Caddy


  • YouTube is the world's premier video site. Thousands upon thousands of videos are uploaded and viewed every single day. You can find just about anything on there and it is a great site for learning new things. Uploading a video can be confusing for a beginner so in this article I present 7 Steps to Uploading a Video to YouTube.

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