Did you have a Kindle Christmas? 1.3 million of us received eReaders

kindle-4.jpgEvery few weeks some researcher comes out and says that we’re a nation of celebrity gossip consumers, we don’t read properly anymore and our attention spans are the same as a gnat’s, so why then are 1.33 million more of us now in possession of a shiny new Kindle?

That’s right, an estimated 1.33 million eReaders were unwrapped on Christmas day in Britain, with many referring to it as a “Kindle Christmas.”

We’re not suggesting everything on a Kindle is insightful and a joy to read, you can still download trashy eBooks and magazines, but they also open up a whole new world of easier (and often cheaper) access to all kinds of novels, reference books and news publications. So maybe we’re not going to all get dumber and forget how to string together a sentence because of Twitter after all.

According to YouGov’s Technology and Telecoms analysts, 1 in 40 adults received an eReader for Christmas (or bought one for themselves), with 92% of the devices being of Amazon’s Kindle brand.

Despite the digital jump, the gift recieving demographics seem to fall in line with regular book buying habits, with 61% of Kinde’s received by women, and over 55 year olds twice as likely as 18-24 year olds to receive one.

Check back soon for our top recommendations about how to carry, protect and look after your lovely little Kindle.

[Via our sister site Tech Digest]
Becca Caddy