Are we really sick of our Christmas Kindles already?

Over Christmas more than 1.33 million Brits received a shiny new Kindle. However, it seems that just over a month later many of us have discarded our fancy eReaders like a sad, abandoned puppy we can’t be bothered with anymore. Awh.

According to a study carried out by leading discount website, 48% of respondents revealed they’d received a Christmas gift that they haven’t used since opening it up on Christmas day. From those, a huge 22% admitted to having not used the Amazon Kindle they received for Christmas from a loved one Strangely, of those that admitted to not playing around with their Kindle yet, 52% simply said it’s because they hadn’t downloaded any books to read on it yet. How. Lazy.

In future guys, remember a Kindle is for at least a few years, not just for Christmas.

The study polled 1,461 Britons and took place in January 2012.

Becca Caddy


  • I wonder how many recipients actually read books in the first place. The kindle isnt a general purpose gadget like a tablet or an ipad, it’s solely built for readers.

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