Android powered i'm watch: the ultimate geek chic accessory of the future?


There have been rumours circulating about the innovative Android-powered watch designs from i’m watch since last summer. But, at CES earlier in the month they were officially unveiled to the world and even those sceptical about a slick smart phone / watch hybrid have been left pretty impressed.

Dubbed “the world’s first smart watch”, these innovative gadgets from Italian-based company i’m watch merge the functionality of a smart phone into the design of a colourful little wrist watch. So, it’s certainly not just about telling the time. The watches, which run on a custom Android OS, allow users to answer calls, send texts, read emails, check social networks, download apps and listen to music all from the 1.5″ colour screen. Wow, that’s one multi-talented little watch. It also looks good (yet obviously a little geeky) too, with a choice of bright colours and a slim, streamlined design.

It may sound a little OTT, but the team assures us all it’s simple and intuitive to use, as it’s got the same interface you’d expect to see on a smart phone or a tablet, allowing you to pinch, zoom and swipe your way around.

If you fancy getting your hands on an i’m watch there are a number of different ranges to choose from the bright i’m Color, which is the most basic model priced at €249, to the more luxury style of the i’m Jewel for €1099.

We get that the designs are clever, the watches work incredibly well and the company has a lot of good ideas, but do we want or need to be able to answer calls, play with apps and control the world all from our wrists?! Won’t it look a bit awkward to be sat there pawing your own arm? Then again, just because something feels strange at first doesn’t mean it won’t catch on in a big way in the future.

If you’re interested in what i’m watch is up to at the moment, check out the company’s about page. The team have a pretty exciting vision for the future and lots of interesting plans in the pipeline…

Becca Caddy


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