Marchon gives 3D glasses a makeover for Christmas viewing


If you’ve got a 3D TV at home (or know your room mate/brother/boyfriend may be getting one at Christmas) there’s a good chance you’ll be forced to watch all kinds of movies on it over the festive period.

Many brands and manufacturers have tried to create 3D glasses that are comfortable and look good too, but these new frames from Marchon3D are our current favourites.

The Marchon3D EX3D series are well designed glasses that feature leading 3D technology, allowing you to watch high-definition, 3D films in style.

They look much better than those huge things you used to get at the cinema because they’ve been designed by the same team who create sunglasses for big fashion brands like Calvin Klein, Lacoste and Karl Lagerfeld.

However, the glasses aren’t just fluffy fashion products for women, there are 25 different models and many for men’s and kids’ heads too, so if you’re feeling extra specially generous they’d make a good stocking filler for someone who’s also getting a 3D TV or Blu-ray player this year.

Available from EX3D for $35 and they’re also available at electronic retailers in the UK.

Becca Caddy