How to give an iTunes app as a gift this Christmas


It may seem like a strange choice of present, but there are some mobile apps available on iTunes that really would make great gifts this Christmas (look at our list below if you’re not convinced). Now we’re not saying you get your boyfriend (or husband, girlfriend, etc…) an app when they’re planning on buying you an all-inclusive holiday abroad or something equally fancy, but it’d make a great, last minute ‘stocking filler’ for that special someone or it could just be a nice little festive token for one of your friends.

How do you give an app as a gift?

It’s pretty simple.

1. Go to iTunes and find the app you want to give as a gift.
2. Go to the arrow next to the price button and click ‘Gift This App’.
3. The green ‘Give a Gift’ screen will then appear and ask you for more information.
4. Fill everything in (like the delivery method, etc) and click ‘Continue’.
5. You’ll then be asked to enter your iTunes details and if it all looks correct click ‘Buy Gift’.
6. You’ll know that everything is done and dusted if you see the ‘Thank You’ screen, where you’ll just click ‘Done’ or ‘Gift Again’.

Which apps would make good gifts?


Now don’t let the rather cheesy name of the app put you off, Djay is an advanced turntable and mixer application which actually works. It stands out from similar offerings on the market because you can split tracks using Griffin’s DJ Cable, which means you can play tracks at the same time but hear them each in isolation.

Available from iTunes for £13.99 (you’ll need Griffin’s DJ Cable to go with it too).

iVIP Black

Now before you get too excited about this app, we’re going to warn you that its called ‘the Millionaire’s app’, because it gives you access to exclusive rates, priority access to events, surprise gifts and upgrades that you’d still have to be absolutely loaded to take advantage of.

Available from iTunes for £699.99. Yes that’s right, an app that’s the same amount as some people’s monthly wage. Eugh.

Batman Arkham City Lockdown

The version of the popular video game Batman Arkham City, specially for iOS devices.

Available from iTunes for £3.99.

Golfshot: Golf GPS

Like your own personal caddy within your phone, the Golfshot app uses GPS to track distances, keep score, monitor your performance and set goals. Ideal for budding golfers who take their sport/hobby rather seriously.

Available from iTunes for £20.99.

Oxford Deluxe

This may seem like a boring one, but it’d make an ideal companion for english students.

Available from iTunes for £37.99.

Becca Caddy