Finlux launches new TV range with the help of strange Finnish man

fin-lux.jpgSpecialist TV manufacturer FinLux has recently launched a brand new range of products that aren’t all-singing, all-dancing ground-breaking TVs, but do give you a pretty sound device with an affordable price tag.

We had the chance to try out one of the new 32″ TVs and found it was really easy to set up, which is great when all you want to do is lay down and have movies pumped into your eyes.

It has all the regular features you’d expect from a modern day TV, its HD ready, has built-in Freeview, 2 HDMI cables and a USB port for just £249, which is pretty good considering you’d be paying nearly double that for a household name TV.

The design is pretty sleek and standard too, but we’d definitely change the remote if we had the chance. It’s nearly as big as a human being’s forearm, which is annoying and a bit weird.

Although we’re pretty impressed with the new range, we’re much more intrigued by FinLux’s mascot, a weird guy in a vest top and underpants called Fin Lux.

Granted this strategy doesn’t always work, but we’ve seen brands introduce quirky mascots before in the past to great effect, like Aleksandr Orlov or the smooth Old Spice guy, so the question is does Fin Lux have what it takes to compete? Maybe. We certainly think his hat is pretty cool.

You can read some of Fin Lux’s insightful ramblings on the FinLux Facebook page, we personally love “It’s Christmas time. In Finland it snow. What do you want for Christmas?” as well as win a TV in the brand’s most recent giveaway.

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Becca Caddy