Places to find the best Christmas craft ideas online: Pinterest, Etsy & Tumblr


Many people who don’t really spend time thinking about crafty things throughout the year start to get a little more creative around Christmas, whether it’s just a home-made card, santa cookies or an entire miniature nativity scene complete with teeny tiny baby Jesus.

There are so many amazing blogs out there brimming with Christmas craft inspiration (and we’ll be collecting together our favourites for next week), but for now here are three brilliant platforms to find Christmas crafty things to buy, visual inspiration so you can go and make your own, or just lovely festive photos to treat your eyes.

1. Pinterest

We’ve been big fans of Pinterest for a long time and although we argued earlier in the year that there’s much more to the online inspiration bookmarking site than just crafts and kittens, it is a great place to get festive inspiration.

The Pinterest team has recently added a “Holidays” category, so you can browse through anything Christmas related even more easily.

To find the best things, just click into the search bar in the top left hand corner of the home page and search “Holidays” to find boards in that category, or just browse through keywords like “Christmas crafts” or “Christmas gifts” and you’re bound to get lots of results as the Pinterest community is generally very good at tagging its content.

Our recommended boards for Christmas: Best Craft Ideas by Marta McCall, Christmas Crafts by Misti Sandoval and Holidays by Mollie Bruss.


2. Etsy

Etsy is probably the best place online for finding home-made or vintage presents to buy your loved ones.

It’s also a good place to get inspiration for making your own gifts too, just don’t rip someone off then sell their ideas though, that’s a big no no.

To browse Etsy on the move, check out the website’s new app, which we reviewed last month.


3. Tumblr

Tumblr doesn’t particularly lend itself to one genre, but it certainly has a large community of craft-lovers.

The key to finding the best Tumblr blogs is probably using the blogging platform’s own search tool, but that can be a little clunky. You can browse popular tags at, but it’s probably best to read through recommendations and see who your favourite crafty blogs follow too.

Our recommended Tumblogs for Christmas: DIY Christmas, Craft Blog UK and Craftspiration.

Is there anywhere else you turn to for Christmas inspiration?

Becca Caddy