Facebook timeline goes live for all & like The Ring gives you 7 days

the-ring-girl.jpgFacebook’s long awaited new timeline feature, which turns your normal profile into a long history of every silly update and drunken photo you’ve ever uploaded, is now available to everyone according to the official Facebook blog.

We first heard about the timeline back in September at Facebook’s f8 developers conference, and since then a select few pretended to be developers to get their hands on it early (not us, no, we’d never do that…) and lucky New Zealanders officially got in on the action first. But today any Facebook user can go ahead and activate the timeline by clicking on the prompt they should see on the main dashboard.

Once you’ve activated the timeline the girl from The Ring calls you and tells you that you’ve got seven days. No that’s a complete lie, once you’ve activated the timeline Facebook gives you seven days to review all the stupid stuff you’ve done before everyone can flick back through your life and see it. So get rid of those embarrassing photos of your ex and your ranting updates in your own time over the next week then (and only then) should you publish it for your friends to see.

The Facebook blog gives you a detailed rundown about the whole process, including how to hide and delete any incriminating/silly/intoxicated content.

Becca Caddy

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