APP OF THE DAY: Popular iPad app Flipboard comes to the iPhone


Popular iPad app and digital magazine Flipboard has been launched for the iPhone today, to provide users with lovely graphics, lots of page flipping and a mixture of current news and social media updates straight to their pockets.

Flipboard is essentially just a social media and news aggregator, which sorts out all of your updates from friends, feeds and current news stories into your own personal magazine. However, it stands apart from similar apps and services because it’s so visual, with lots of lovely images and the ability to flip through pages seamlessly, just swipe upwards to flip to the next story like a notepad.

You can add all kinds of popular publications, blogs and social networks to Flipboard, like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and then share or comment on any of the stories.

Unlike the iPad application, the iPhone version features “Cover Stories”, which brings together all of the most recent updates from your social networks. However, nothing else really sets the new reincarnation of the app apart from the iPad version, but if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Available from iTunes for free.

Becca Caddy