APP OF THE DAY: British Journal of Photography brings beautiful images to the iPad


The British Journal of Photography (BJP) is considered to be the top publication for contemporary photography news from across the globe and it’s recently launched an app, which brings quality editorial and huge, creative images to your iPad.

The reason we love the BJP app so much is because it’s not just a copy of the print publication squeezed into tablet format, it’s been specially tailored to really make the most of the iPad’s functionality and display.

It allows you to swipe through content with ease, making use of the iPad’s intuitive navigational tools and it also displays the incredible photography in a way that really draws you in and fills up the screen. If you think we’re being too over the top, just take a look for yourself, it really is “ooo” and “ahh” kind of stuff.

When it comes to the content there’s a big mix of features, articles, interviews with key players in the industry, videos and big photo galleries. There’s the odd review of photography gear too, but it’s certainly not a consumer-y “go buy this neat digital camera” kind of magazine.

In an interview on the publication’s website, Simon Bainbridge, the editor of BJP talks about the new app:

“Our idea was not to completely re-imagine a magazine, as some people say they want to. We wanted to translate the elegance and authority and intelligence of our magazine on a digital screen, to be able to show moving images, and to have something that is navigationally intuitive and fun to play with. But we didn’t want to do anything too tricksy that took away from the content.”

The app is ideal if you need a break from reading emails and playing Angry Birds on your iPad and want to swipe through beautiful, cutting-edge images that are a real treat for your eyes. Be warned though, although the app is free and you get bit and pieces of content for free too, you will have to purchase future issues of the publication separately (for around £6.99) or think about getting a subscription. Only true photographer fans should start downloading.

Available from iTunes for free.

Becca Caddy


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