The majority of young Brits own three Apple products

apple-store.jpgDespite the fact a growing number of brands (hello Samsung, RIM and Nokia) are offering devices which are more than capable of competing with the iPhone in the fancy smart phone stakes, it seems many are still drawn to the magical power of Apple, as the average young Brit owns three products from the brand according to recent research.

The study carried out by discount website MyVoucherCodes polled a total of 1,896 people aged between 18 and 30 in order to try and find out how popular Apple products really are amongst the younger generation living in the UK.

More than 75% of those polled said they owned at least one Apple gadget, with the majority owning three and a further rich and lucky 5% owning four or more. This comes as no surprise as many Apple fans often stay loyal to the brand regardless of which kind of product they need, venturing into its spacious and energetic doors for phones, tablets, computers and music players.

Becca Caddy