HMV opens pop-up techshop for Christmas shoppers

HMV-techshop.jpgHigh street favourite HMV has recently opened a new ‘pop-up’ store in London, which will focus solely on high-end technology, including iPads, iPods, tablets, netbooks and other gadgets that’ll be ideal for frantic Christmas shopping.

The new techshop, which you’ll be able to find at the One New Change shopping centre in London over near St. Paul’s, will also stock a small range of CDs and DVDs in order to give Christmas shoppers other bits and pieces to grab at the last minute.

Many are suggesting that the new techshop is a desperate bid for HMV to up its game as music and gaming sales continue to dwindle. However, Ewan Pinder, head of technology at HMV, hinted that the new techshop is much more of a natural progression:

“HMV’s remit has always been to give its customers the widest-possible access to music, film and games, however they want to discover and enjoy them.

“So our move into personal technology products, including through this new-style store, is actually a very natural next step for us that supports our continuing transformation into a broad-based entertainment brand.

The brand has hinted that another shop will be opening up before Christmas time too, so keep your eyes peeled.

[Via Retail Week]
Becca Caddy