APP OF THE DAY: Eye Check by Boots is your stand-in optician


Boots Opticians has launched a new mobile application called Eye Check, which is designed to encourage people to be more aware of their vision and eye health.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t turn your phone into some crazy eye clamping device, it just gives users a basic eye test with four individual and easy-to-use eye checks to help determine visual acuity (clearness of vision), astigmatism (a cause of blurred vision), duochrome (to assess focus) and a colour check.

After each test has been completed the app explains what the check is looking for and gives users a pass or fail score, as well as a percentage rating for both the left and right eye. Users can then see a range of recommendations based on their results.

The app is obviously not designed to replace a professional eye examination, so don’t go thinking that just because you’ve got an iPhone you can call yourself an optometrist (or an optician, we’re honestly not sure what the difference is). However, it is a good way of getting people to think about the health of their peepers and hopefully go ahead and book a test in the future.

Carolyn Norman, an optometrist at Boots, said:

“We know that one in three people have not had an eye test for at least two years. The new app is not a replacement for visiting your opticians, but instead has been designed as a convenient tool to empower people to take a more informed and proactive approach to their vision and eye health so that they understand the importance of having a professional eye examination.”

Available from iTunes for Free.

Becca Caddy