Enjoy alcohol? Enjoy music? Then you'll LOVE Drinkify


A new site called Drinkify aims to help you solve that age old dilemma of, “just what kind of alcoholic concoction will go best with this tune”?

Simply type in the band or artist you’d like to listen to and not only will Drinkify play you a track, it’ll tell you what kind of beverage would best suit the music.

Here are some of the clever little site’s suggestions:

Lady Gaga: 6 oz. of Vodka served neat with an olive.
Justin Bieber: 8oz. of Red Bull on the rocks.
The Rolling Stones: 10 oz. of Rum served on the rocks with cocktail onions.
Britney Spears: 8oz. of Vodka and 8oz. of Club Soda in a highball glass and serve.

We’ll stop ruining all of the fun for you, go have a play with Drinkify now, or maybe wait until midday…

[Via The Next Web Via GeekSugar]
Becca Caddy