APP OF THE DAY: Life is one big game with Onefeat


Here at Shiny Shiny we come across so many mobile apps that it’s always exciting to find something a little bit different, like new social gaming application Onefeat.

When you first open Onefeat it tells you that the game “turns you into the superhero of your real life”, which sounds incredibly enticing, right?

Basically you look for “missions” and these are less secret agent assassinations and more things like “Find a cool pet”, “Take a self portrait” or “Find street art that really rocks”.

You then complete the mission and take a photo of it to prove to everyone it’s done and dusted before getting a reward in the form of a badge and working your way up leaderboards.

Granted it’s very similar to the likes of SCVNGR and Foursquare, but the super simple interface, social sharing elements and cute little characters that follow you on your journey make it stand out amongst the rest.

We can’t guarantee you won’t be a little irritated by some of the challenges, like “Show us your baby face”, but it’s all in the name of fun and many will force you to discover new places, food and people much more than you normally would.

It’s no surprise that a huge part of the app involves sharing your feats and photos among your networks, so just click on “Friends” at the bottom to see which of your current Facebook friends are already completing challenges.

Many will find it a little cheesy, but for those who like completing little challenges, getting competitive, exploring and taking lots of pictures it could be your new favourite app.

Available from iTunes for Free and from the Android Market for Free too.

Becca Caddy