Win EVERY snowball fight with the Arctic Force Snowball Blaster


Yes, we know it may seem a little early, but at the moment every week seems to begin with a crazy weather rumour, whether it’s going to be blistering heat or a surprise snow storm, so we felt it was about time we prepared ourselves a little for some winter problems.

Today we’re addressing snowball fights.

As soon as it starts snowing you can now ensure that snowball fights aren’t just about being pelted with snow and rocks by the kids on your street. You can now guarantee victory with the Arctic Force Snowball Blaster. Just put snow into the ‘snowball press’ at the top, close the lid and there you have three perfectly formed snowballs to fire up to 80 feet!

Yes it’s insanely over the top, but fun and silly enough to lure us in at the same time. Just don’t get carried away, you’re not a snow sniper who can aim at the old lady opposite and you should obviously only be using soft, white snow too please.

Available from Firebox for £24.99, annoying grey ensemble and stupid expression optional.

Becca Caddy


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