UK pricing for Apple's new iPhone 4S


We know what it looks like (VERY similar to the iPhone 4), we know most networks here in the UK will be offering it, and we know it’s going to be running the rather exciting new iOS 5. But how much will it cost?

iPhone 4S prices will begin at £499 without a contract for the 16GB model.

There’s been no official word about how much the rest of the range will set you back, but we’d guess the 32GB would be around £579 and the 64GB would be around £659, but don’t hold us to those guesses!

Oh and all prices are the same whether you opt for the black or white versions too.

Becca Caddy

One thought on “UK pricing for Apple's new iPhone 4S

  • i want an iphone 4s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad. im saving up for one in my bank account. all ive got right now is thirty dollars. my phone right now is one of those silly little flip phones that are SO last season, and FYI, NOT cool. the iphone 4s is updated and my old phone only makes calls, texts, has a callender, and plays staticy music. its a nightmare.

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