RUMOUR ROUND-UP: iPhone 5 with three hours to go

apple-rainbow-logo.jpegThere’s only around three hours to go now until Apple tells the world about its new iPhone device. So here’s a round-up of the latest rumours:

Assistant app and voice technology

The rumours about Apple developing a new kind of voice technology have been circulating for years now.

Yes, boring old voice recognition has been around for a long time, but the new iPhone’s rumoured built-in Assistant application could really shake things up. According to Digital Trends, Apple’s recent acquisition of Siri could bring fully integrated voice control to the device unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

The interesting thing about Assistant is it’s set to be integrated into all aspects of the new device and its apps, so it’s not just about shouting “MUM” at your phone so it slowly calls your mum, it’s about using your voice to do everything, seamlessly, regardless of how much people make fun of your accent.

Big plans with Facebook

We’re already hoping that Facebook will launch its official iPad application tonight, but we can also expect an updated iPhone app and possibly even more systemwide Facebook integration.

Three new phones

We discussed rumours of a budget Apple handset yesterday, but Cult of Mac is standing by its prediction that three handsets will be announced tonight, an updated iPhone 4, an iPhone 5 AND a budget iPhone N90A.

iCloud services

Apple could be planning on launching its full suite of iCloud services tonight alongside the official announcement of iOS5.

A HUGE screen

There have been all kinds of rumours, mock ups and leaked case designs over the past few months, but the general consensus is currently that if Apple launches a new iPhone 5, it could be a little slimmer and more tapered. However, Digital Trends has just published case specifications from manufacturer Hard Candy which suggest the new device could well have a large 4.44 inch screen. We’re not sure how likely this is, but the brand has put more than 50,000 of these cases into production…

More plans for the iPhone 3GS and iPod range

Although most people will be focusing on the updated iPhone 4 and the shiny new iPhone 5 tonight, there’s a chance Apple will start introducing the iPhone 3GS without a contract or as an unlocked device. There’s also a chance the iPod Touch and iPod Nano devices will be getting a revamp, but we’re not sure whether that’ll be mentioned tonight.

Becca Caddy