Rinse cleans up your iTunes library with one click


As it’s the iPod’s 10th birthday week this week (check out our gallery tribute to the little guy), it’s the perfect time to clean up your iTunes a little and Rinse is probably the best way we’ve found to do it.

Rinse is a brand new service which will clean up your iTunes music library with just one click, think of it as throwing your music collection into a shower and giving it a good scrub. If you look through your iTunes tracks right now you’re very likely to have duplicates, the wrong artwork and untitled songs here and there, so Rinse will aim to sort all of that out for you.

The tool cleans everything up by finding audio tracks in the Gracenote music database and correcting any mismatched details. The database currently holds more than 100 million tracks in its catalogue, so unless your taste is VERY obscure it should be able to do the job.

Rinse is obviously only for those with an extensive iTunes library, so don’t even think about trying it out if you’ve only got one or two albums on there and rely on the likes of Spotify or Deezer the rest of the time.

You have to pay a one-time payment of £30 to clean everything thoroughly, or start small with a free trial that’ll sift through 50 over your tracks to see if it’s worth it.

Visit rinsemymusic.co.uk to try it out.

Becca Caddy