HP collaborates with Conde Nast: Do we really want to print our own magazines?


HP has announced a new collaboration with big publisher Conde Nast, which means that subscribers can schedule the delivery of content straight to their printer from titles such as Allure, Glamour and Wired.

The new print-at-home service provides publishers with a new way to get their content seen and read. Julie Michalowski, the senior vice president of consumer business development at Condé Nast says, “this project is one of the many ways Condé Nast is using emerging technology to engage consumers […] with this new HP pilot program, consumers will be able to have their favorite Condé Nast content at their fingertips.”

The collaboration makes sense, but do we really want to print out our magazines?

When the Kindle was first launched there were those who lamented the death of the book and said that nothing beats reading words from physical bits of paper and I imagine there’ll be plenty of people that feel the same way about magazines who the new service may well appeal to.

However, I do wonder whether the rise and rise of tablet devices means the publishers behind our favourite titles should spend less time giving us ways to read content physically and instead continue to develop their mobile and tablet offerings.

Would you ever print out your favourite magazine or just download the app?

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Becca Caddy


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  • why on earth would we print our own magazines?
    Imagine half if not more don’t have a printer that is super modern, so chanse is semi bad prints, very few have colour balanced their printers so what you print for that all exclusive, super gorgeus purple direclty from the catwalk in Paris, might turn into a completly different colour and they also undermining their branding as the consumer goes from nice glossy magazine to 200+ A4 papers that are hard to keep in order and half way dow page 164 the blue ink was finished.


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