BlackBerry services slowly improving after three day outage (SLOWLY)

bb-logo.jpgWe’re still not too sure what to think about the recent BlackBerry outages. Yes they were (and largely still are) widespread and have dragged on for far too long, but everyone makes mistakes, right? Even huge international corporations like RIM.

Anyway, regardless of whether you’re willing to let the recent issues slide or want to trade in your BlackBerry for another device ASAP, it seems the services that have been down intermittently over the past week are slowly resuming.

For around three days the internet, BBM and email services have been failing on handsets but according to reports across Europe the problems are beginning to stabilise.

“From 6AM BST today, all services across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, as well as India, have been operating with significant improvement. We continue to monitor the situation 24/7 to ensure ongoing stability. Thank you for your patience,” reads statement from RIM.

Although things may be looking up for RIM and BlackBerry users, there are still widespread reports of problems accessing the internet and some in US and Canada are now finding issues are arising too.

Becca Caddy

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