APP OF THE DAY: Tatler Restaurant Guide 2011 for Londoners


Now admittedly this app is very London-centric, so if you rarely venture into the capital it’s pretty much useless. However, if you like to eat out in London from time to time (and have a few pennies to spare), then the new Tatler Restaurant Guide app will definitely come in handy.

The app allows you to search for restaurants based on your location, an indexed list or a range of quirky categories, like The Americas, French Fancy or Italian Job. There’s then a wide selection of choices, each with details about price and location, contact details and a short review. Unsurprisingly the app is geared up for sharing, so once you’ve found the place you want to try, you can share it with your social networks or send it via email with the click of a button.

The reviews are pretty short and succinct, but have a lot of character and paint a pretty accurate picture of the eatery in question. As you’d expect from Tatler, many of the recommended cafes and restaurants are a bit expensive, but there are some cheap options thrown in there too, just look out for the ones with one or two £ signs.

Finally, the thing that makes the app stand out in a crowded market of restaurant review, deals and recommendation apps is the way it looks, which is reminiscent of a book from a few centures ago, with spidery serif fonts, quirky little illustrations and a simple grey, white and red design.

Available on iTunes for Free (but apparently only for a limited period).

Becca Caddy