Video – Jean-Michel Jarre and his bonkers AeroDream One iPhone hi-fi

If you think you’ve seen all that the world of iPod docks has to offer? Think again; Jarre’s AeroDream One takes Hi-Fi docks to a whole new level, with the emphasis on the “Hi” part. The docking port sits on top of an 11ft column, which necessitates the need for a fixed ladder on the side of the speaker to reach it.

It’s also got enough punch to match its gigantic size, pushing out an ear-popping 10,000 W through its 5 channel amplifier.

The AeroDream One is very much a luxury item, and priced at € 399,000 (£349,873) is definitely a statement piece as much as it is a speaker system. As such, Jarre sees it just as at home in concert halls as the homes of the wealthy elite.

We have a chat with Jean-Michel in the video interview above, discussing his range of Apple product docks (which includes more affordable miniature versions of the AeroDream One among other designs), the state of the music industry and the inspiration behind his latest mad venture.


Ashley Norris

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